Crystal Massage – A personal Account

Those of you who have never experienced a hot-stone massage, listen up! There is something to be said for the way the warm, smooth stones are used to heat up the muscles, thereby relaxing them and allowing the capable hands of the therapist to iron out any nasty knots and tension.

I had the blissful experience of having one of Amani’s signature massages – The Crystal Massage – at their Radisson Blu, Sandton branch recently, and wow! It was awesome!

Amani is about luxury and personalised attention – from the warm greeting on arrival, to the sumptuous robe and comfy slippers and the gracious demeanour of the therapist – everything works together to make one feel completely special and pampered. I have to add that that “spa music” is very soothing to the senses too, as is the fragrance of the warm oils.

This signature treatment makes use of heated Mozambiquean crystals* – very pretty pale brown stones, with black marking – as well as a variety of massage styles, in a head-to-toe treatment that is out of this world.

For those of you who are au fait with massage, you will recognise the pressure-point techniques employed, as well as the faithful – and very effective – Swedish strokes, which are long and firm, and really tackle those knots and tight muscles. And then of course, there are the warm stones, and the healing properties of the crystals themselves.

I found myself drifting off a few times during the massage, and once all the tension had dissolved in my stressed muscles, the therapist gave me a very relaxing head massage followed by a mini-facial. By the end of the treatment, I felt as if I had to be peeled from the massage bed, so relaxed was I!

The warm shower with it’s generous shower-head, and the luxury shower products, ended off an experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants an amazing treatment, but doesn’t know which of the enticing massages and other treatments on Amani’s extensive menu to choose!


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*Crystals have intrigued and fascinated us since the beginning of time, and have been used for millennia – in all parts of the world – to bring balance and healing. Crystals work holistically on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, helping to realign subtle energies.

The Mozambiquean Septarian Crystals used in Amani’s Crystal Massage have the following properties:

  • Provide grounding and protection
  • Encourage relaxation an balance
  • Promote a feeling of well being
  • Emanate love, kindness and sincere energy
  • Enhance communication on all levels
  • Aid detoxification
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain and symptoms of chronic tension
  • Relieve stress